Master the Fundamentals of Quickness to Develop Precise Cuts And Explosive Power To Enhance Your Changes of Direction 
The Drills Are Often Overlooked But Guarantees Results

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This 4 week, step-by-step agility program was created with you in mind. It was developed to show you the proper way to gain quickness and more explosiveness power. 

 It is all about doing things the right way to increase gains. Let me show you exactly how you can become quicker in a short amount of time. You can easily fit this program into any schedule.
For more than 15 years,  I have been helping some of the top players in the nation rapidly increase their speed, strength, explosive power and enhance their position skill level.
I am the owner of Excelerate Sports and founder of Oliver Jordan Football (which has produced several Division 1 and 2 players). 

Bottom line — when it comes to improving football specific training, I am can get you where you want to go!

This program was designed to build a foundation to your training program. There are several programs out there that don't explain the benefit of the movement and how it helps the athlete. The program is made up of 4 phases and broken down into an 4 week program.

A great workout starts with a great warm up. Learn some of the best movements to get your muscles prepared to perform at a high level.
The key to improving lateral movement is to have body control. This 2nd phase will provide you with the mechanics to gain body awareness and control.
Quick feet are essential to develop quickness and agility. In Phase 3 the footwork drills will change your game.
Having the ability to generating power is something you have to work for. Try these quick and easy plymetric movements to gain more explosive power to enhance your performance.
Are you ready to Cut On A Dime and Dominate Your Opponent?

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Success Stories from coaches, trainers, parents and players who have used this program:

"Using Oliver's drills and training methods has also helped myself develop several Division I & II players in my 8 years of high school coaching. I'd recommend any young football player looking to play on the next level to his program."
Saline HS Football Coach 
Kevin Perry

"Oliver has done a great creating an effective routine to help improve the agility and quickness of athletes. He is my go to source to add effective drills in my tool box.."

Owner of LTS
Jimmy Lamour
"Thank you coach Oliver for taking my son Jayden to the next level. He plays with more confidence and his football skill went from low to high. I strongly recommend this program for anyone that wants to improve skills and take their game to the next level."
-Jenny Castillo
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Cut On A Dime Training Program Smart Audio

Now you can take your workouts to the gym with you on your smart phone. You can listen to the workouts and follow along to make sure you don't miss another workout. This makes it incredibly easy to make sure you are performing the workout correctly.

Free Lifetime Updates

We are always testing new exercises and workouts. If we make any revisions or additions to our guide, you will get free lifetime updates. Unless you are a customer of our introductory offer (which means you order Right Now) you will not have access to future updates

It’s Time To Take Your Training To New Heights

If you are anything like most athletes, you have wasted a lot of money and time on bogus vertical jump programs and equipment. Well, that all stops here. I am going to take all the guess work out of speed and explosion training. You will no longer have to wonder if you are doing the right exercises or training too much or too little.
The Cut On A Dime Agility and Explosion Training Program tells you what to do, how to do it, and how often to do it!

Don’t Train Harder…Train Smarter!

Increasing your lateral and linear training has never been so easy!
The Cut On A Dime Agility and Explosion Program has taken me a long time to put together and through years of training and research, I have been able to tweak it to be able to produce a program that hundreds of my players have increased their quickness and explosion . As you can imagine, it is a very valuable resource.

When I decided to make it available to the public I told myself I would not sell it for anything less than $200 considering I charge $50 for a private session. However, I have been in your situation. I know what it feels like to buy program after program and get no results. You can feel absolutely hopeless. SO…I decided to offer my underground agility and explosion program for only…$97


Since I just recently began selling this guide, I am offering a LIMITED TIME discounted introductory price of only…$37


Because I am so confident that my Football Quickness and Explosion Training Program will increase your vertical like you could only have dreamed of I am offering....

My 60 Day Guarantee. 

You have nothing to lose but the sweat from your workout. We are committed to providing top-quality products to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with my Cut On a Dime Agility & Explosion program, I will give you your money back. I am so confident with this program that I will give you your money back, no matter what. Just email me and say, “Coach Oliver, I don’t think this program is right for me & I want a refund.” And I will give you that immediately. No questions asked.

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Have A Question.....?

Still on the fence? Wondering if  this program is  is right for you? The answer you need may be found below…

Q. How Soon Will I See Results?

Unfortunately there is no way we can answer that realistically. Every person is different, has different skills and work ethic, etc, so it’s impossible to answer. How much you make will be completely up to you and your skills and effort.

Q. Did You Use This System While Training?

Yes and No...I have used some of the movement in this program throughout my journey, but it wasn't until I started working with my athletes that I found the formula which makes the quicker and more agile.

Q. How long do I have access to the course?

The program is available online with unlimited access 24/7. As long as you have paid, your access will never be revoked.

Q. Is there a guarantee?

We have a 60 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So, YES, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.  If you’re not happy with the Cut On a Dime Football program for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll happily refund every penny. No hard feelings.

Order The Cut On a Dime Football Agility & Explosion Program Now! 
Digital Version
Yes, Please give me instant access to download this incredible agility and explosion program.
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Physical Version
Yes, Please rush me the Cut On A Dime Agility and Explosion DVD and manual.
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In fact, I am completely confident that this program will absolutely give you every tool you need to immediately help your athletes better develop quickness and explosiveness for on the field success - GUARANTEED.
Coach Oliver is going to give you the blueprint, drills and coaching cues you need to be on the cutting edge of agility and explosion training. All you need to do is make it part of your program.
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